Sunday, 9 April 2017

Embolden travel and conversations


Simon in front of the Golden Buddha at the temple of Wat Traimit, Bangkok

Simon in front of the Golden Buddha
at the temple of Wat Traimit, Bangkok

I visited Thailand in March after years of hesitation assuming it would be too hard to get around with a mobility scooter, not to mention emotionality tiring if people overreacted to a short man wandering around. Although not easy, access was ok for me and people weren't especially interested. We spent a few days in Bangkok visiting Royal Palaces, street markets and a terrifying rooftop bar! Then we went to Khau Lak for sunshine and beach time. The world is smaller, difference is everywhere and thankfully most people were polite and helpful. A few couldn't resist taking out their phones to take a photo of me and for once, I decided not to try to control this and gradually I started to not even care. The photo to the right was taken with permission, and I don't think I could look more like a tourist if I'd tried.

Disability and comedy

A new book about disability and comedy has been published, featuring contributions from the Abnormally Funny People team. It's titled 'Seriously FunnyDisability and the Paradoxical Power of Humor'. The publishers notes say the book is 'Exploring a paradox, Shawn Bingham and Sara Green show how humor has been used both to challenge traditional views of disability and to reinforce negative stereotypes and social inequalities. Seriously Funny ranges from ancient Greek dramas to medieval courts jesters to contemporary comedy, from stage performances to the experiences of daily life. Rich with insights into issues of identity and social stratification, it offers an eye-opening perspective on attitudes toward disability across the ages.'

For your listening pleasure

Soon after coming back from Thailand, I was in the studio recording two podcasts. Maybe it was the holiday, maybe it was the guests or maybe the topics, but both shows are rather special in their own different ways. If you fancy a change from your current reading or want something to listen to in the car, whilst keeping fit or on the commute, why not give them a try?

BBC Ouch show discusses T4 in disability history, when the Nazi's killed disabled people. There's fantastic music from Holy Moly & The Crackers.

BBC Ouch talkshow  'Behind the Scenes'

L-R Nicola Werenowska, Stephen Unwin, Kate Monaghan, Simon Minty in the BBC Radio studio.

BBC Radio Studio L-R Nicola Werenowska, Stephen Unwin, Kate Monaghan, Simon  

The Phil & Simon Show talks identity politics, is there creep of the 'non-disableds' talking on behalf of disabled people? When should someone share? And if that's not enough, it ventures in to the minimum wage and learning disabled people debate. Inevitably, voices are raised and tables are thumped.

The Phil & Simon Show  'Where Angels Fear to Tread'

L - R Phil Friend and Simon Minty taken with a selfie stick with a bookshelf in the background.

L - R Phil Friend and Simon 

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Happy Talk

A brief update, promoting the two podcasts I co-host.

First up, BBC Ouch with my co-host Kate Monaghan. This month was a lot of fun to record, we were in a mischievous mood and our guests joined in. We talk serious stuff though, diets to 'cure' your impairment, ADHD, ADD, chimps with Down Syndrome. OK, that last one wasn't as serious.

Secondly, The Phil & Simon Show with my co-host and former business partner, now great friend, Phil Friend. We grapple with the latest disability and wider world issues with varying success. My favourite bit is Phil's reaction when I tell him I'm reading Andrew Neil's book, which finishes around 1997 when Tony Blair becomes Prime Minister. My mum's impartial and piercingly accurate review of this show was 'I see why you call it the PHIL & Simon Show as Phil talks a lot and you try and get a word in.'

You can subscribe to both via iTunes or Audioboom. And do leave a comment or get in contact as it's great to hear from listeners.

Next blog will report back on my trip to Thailand. Excited, what an amazing thing to do, apprehensive, will I be able to get around?

Pic of Natasha Lipman, Simon Minty and Kate Monaghan in BBC Studio
L-R Natasha Lipman, Simon Minty, Kate Monaghan

Friday, 9 December 2016

Walking on Sunshine

The hip is working well. I did trip over the other day... As I was walking, I felt my trousers slipping down a little. I reached behind to pull them up forgetting that my walking stick was in the same hand. The stick got caught between my shins and down I tumbled. There was a weird sensation in my new hip, just for a moment. Almost like a twang but much softer. As someone who has poor balance tripping is perfectly normal to me and my well honed skills of arms out, fall in to a press up position prevented any physical harm. I got up and thirty seconds later all was fine. This new walking lark is amazing and complicated.

Work is busy. I've run a lot of training events with media organisations such as All3Media, Endemol Shine and Warner Bros, some via Indie Training Fund. Really enjoyable courses, either discussing employment and adjustments or getting deep in to portrayal of disability on TV with people who make the shows. Those I met know how to do it, sometimes they just need more confidence or clarity. Had an enjoyable international afternoon with Facilities Managers from the British Council Estates team discussing how they can make their premises more accessible in very different countries.

In November, there was a big conference on branding, advertising, design and media at Kings Place and I was chuffed to be asked to speak at it. Soon after, I spent the day with Channel 4 execs as part of a talent day (thank you 104 Films and Laurence Clark). Great to hear about the different strands, marketing methods and eye opening too as to how it works and what they want - disability wise? Drama and comedy. We go back in January aiming to present some ideas.

Come December and I hosted an event for Purple Space for the launch of their Purple Stories guide, on how to tell your story. The event was packed which is a testament to Kate Nash and her success in bringing people to together and ongoing development of staff networks.

The podcasts come thick and fast. BBC Ouch every month of course and I'm now on their team page which is kinda cool. It was also a technological nightmare to do (thanks for perservering Beth). Plus there's the shooting from the hip, post expert, post truth, unscripted mutterings of me and good friend Phil Friend. One listener said the show should be re-titled Grumpy Old Men do Disability, fair point.

Links below and a pic of me getting ready for 'purple talk'.

Simon, sitting down, is wearing a back suit and purple shirt. His left hand is cupped as to mime talking.
Simon Minty at Purple Space event 8th Dec 2016

BBC Ouch   Sisters Together for Ever

This disability talk show was all about siblings of someone with a disability. What's is it like for the one without?

Phil & Simon Show   Everybody Knows

Phil and Simon, good friends, differing politics, a shared commitment to disability equality discuss Trump, Brexit, British judiciary, genetic screening and using a disability to cover up a character trait you don't want. There's a discussion of the already missed Leonard Cohen's lyrics.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Hip Hip Away....

On 18th July 2016, I had a total hip replacement operation. I had been avoiding surgery for ten years mostly as I knew anaesthetic for people with my form of dwarfism (SEDc) can have complications. I was lucky to find a fantastic surgeon, a top notch anaesthetist and awesome orthopaedic surgical care practitioner. That was nine weeks ago... I now have better mobility and the original pain has gone. It gets better each day.

During my rehabilitation I stopped working, however, I did record a couple of podcasts. Forgive my crowing but both shows are a treat! Maybe that's because I was the nice side of the operation and therefore euphoric....or maybe it's the medication. What happens is all sorts of half formed thoughts  fly from my mouth and the lovely people I do the shows with work their magic. I hope you enjoy them.

BBC Ouch (59 mins) 

- losing it with 'I live in a bucket' news story 
- when the little voice in your head is Louis Walsh
- that some wear a badge to say they need help whilst others (like me) are offered help all the time

BBC Ouch show link  (opens in a new window) 

BBC Ouch Disability Talk logo
BBC Ouch Disability Talk logo

Phil & Simon Show no. 5    (41 mins) 

- Olympics and the Daily Mail
- my surgery and recovery 
- Asda (supermarket) new toilet signage
- a dodgy joke at the's not the BBC you see 

Phil and Simon Show link   (opens in a new window)

Black and white x-ray of Simon's hips, showing thin thigh bones

X-ray of Simon's hips. Sorry, you can't un-see this!

Simon is on the left, Phil on the right and a microphone is on the table in between them
Phil and Simon

If you've read this far, thank you. As well as the euphoria of being alive post op, I've also been a bit melancholy which I guess is natural. One way I 'enjoy' the downside is to listen to sappy music. I'm old enough to remember this when it came out and I still think it is a belter of a song. Surely we all can relate to the lyrics, about someone you once loved. So here it is, Air Supply's All Out of Love. Turn it up loud!

Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Winner Takes It All... Phil & Simon Show no. 4

The latest Phil and Simon Show is out.

We chat about post-Brexit UK, music to listen to when you're having an MRI scan, Chilcot and the Iraq Inquiry, accessible motor homes, Aspergers, the disabled employment gap, our next Prime Minister and hip surgery. In about 35 mins. We have no boundaries. 

Hope you like it and thank you for listening.

Friday, 8 July 2016

BBC Ouch talkshow July 16

The latest BBC Ouch show is out. It's about comedy, mental health, pony tales, doing activities that your impairment suggests you shouldn't and me and Kate Monaghan-Cocker making quips. 
Mighty fine guest include Laurence Clark Harriet Dyer and Jack Binstead who are fun and funny . Hope you like it.

BBC Ouch show in the studio L-R Laurence Clark, Kate Monaghan-Cocker, Jack Binstead, Harriet Dyer
In the studio BBC Ouch show L-R Laurence Clark, Kate Monaghan-Cocker, Jack Binstead, Harriet Dyer

Saturday, 25 June 2016

The new Phil and Simon Show

The third Phil and Simon Show is out now - and it's a corker. We chat about going to the Epsom Derby on an open top bus, the EU referendum, people with dementia and mythical creatures. It's fun, it's fast coming in at 32 mins.

Click on a link below to listen and I hope you enjoy it.


iTunes - show date 19th June 2016
A cream and red, double decker bus parked near the race course in Epsom
Open top bus at the 2016 Epsom Derby

Monday, 6 June 2016

I love a bit of shock-value...

The latest BBC Ouch show is out!
It sees the return of the brilliant and un-PC game, Vegetable, Vegetable, Vegetable where co-host Kate Monaghan-Coker, our guests and I try and guess the callers 'disability' against the clock. 
We interview BAFTA nominated actor Ruth Madeley @ruth_madeley from the brilliant BBC television drama Don’t Take My Baby and classical pianist Nicolas McCarthy @NMcCarthyPiano who has one hand and plays us a tune or two on the grand piano (again, brilliantly) in the studio. Ruth and Nicholas tell us of their made up responses when someone asks 'how did you become disabled?' The team from Stay Up Late @stayuplateuk call in and tell us about their gig buddy project. 
You can download, stream or subscribe via iTunes. 

Host Kate watches on as Nichols plays piano in the studio
Host Kate watches on as Nichols plays piano in the studio

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Phil & Simon Show - a new podcast

It seemed inevitable that one day there would be a podcast of Phil Friend and me chatting about all things disability. Phil and I have been having such conversations for nearly twenty years, until now, unrecorded, whilst working, travelling or just hanging out together.

We have different backgrounds, we are different generations, have divergent politics and different comfort zones. We both share a commitment and passion for equality, fairness and inclusion of disabled people and have spent many years working to achieve it or at least some progress.

The great thing about our discussions are that we know one another so well and respect each other so don't have to pull any punches now. Sometimes we're considered, sometimes we shoot from the hip. We can make each other laugh and still, after all this time, make the others jaw drop with a single comment.

There's two shows out already. We'll continue to make a show each month until we run out of things to say. Which means they're going to keep coming for quite a while...or we will invite some guests on the show.

You can subscribe, follow, get in touch etc with via the various links below.

iTunes Phil & Simon Show

audioBoom Phil & Simon Show

Twitter Phil & Simon Show

Facebook Phil & Simon Show


Simon Minty sitting behind a microphone

Simon and Phil sitting either side of a microphone

Phil sitting behind a microphone